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7 Surprising benefits of Natural Hyaluronic Acid for skin

Surprising benefits of Natural Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid has created quite a buzz in the world of skincare in recent times. Various social media influencers and bloggers have been raving about this extraordinary ingredient nonstop! But is it really a revolutionary product or yet another overly hyped fad?
Research suggests that natural hyaluronic acid is the best ingredient that can be included in your skincare regime to achieve younger-looking and radiant skin. Let’s dive deep into this topic and see how it can be beneficial.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Many of you might get intimidated when the term “acid” is used with regards to skincare. But don’t worry, this acid is totally skin-friendly. In fact, Hyaluronic acid is found in our skin itself!
This clear substance is naturally produced by our skin and has a spectacular property to hold up to 1000 times its weight in moisture. Not only does it retains all the moisture in our skin but also prevents it from escaping into the air. Apart from moisture retention, hyaluronic acid provides several other surprising skin-boosting benefits.

#1 Hydration

As we age, our skin produces less and less hyaluronic acid which makes it dehydrated and dry. Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep inside the skin and rejuvenates it by infusing revitalizing hydration in every skin cell. When the skin is well moisturized, it looks supple, healthy, and radiant.

#2 Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles

Due to the diminished production of hyaluronic acid, the elasticity of our skin reduces as we age. This results in sagging of the skin and the appearance of deep-seated fine lines and wrinkles. Applying natural hyaluronic acid will replenish your skin with the necessary amount of moisture and give your skin some much-needed rejuvenation and suppleness to smooth out any lines or wrinkles.

#3 Acts as a Humectant

Humectants are used extensively in skincare products. This is because a humectant has a unique property of drawing out moisture from its surroundings. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent humectant and after it hydrates your skin, it will continue to draw and hold onto that hydration from its surroundings for a long-lasting effect.

#4 Improves the Protective Barrier of the skin

Our skin shields our internal organs from the harsh toxins in the environment and takes the brunt of the outside damage. With time, the protective barrier that prevents the irritants from entering inside the skin becomes weak. This allows the harmful UV rays of the sun, environmental pollutants, and dirt to damage the skin which leads to premature aging, dryness, and a dull-looking face.
Hyaluronic acid strengthens the lipid barrier (that prevents harmful irritants from entering the skin) and helps it to defend itself against environmental pollutants and toxins.

#5 Evens out skin texture

As discussed before, hyaluronic acid replenishes the moisture content of the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This hydration revitalizes the skin’s outer layers which makes it extremely soft, smooth, and supple. Moreover, the enhanced elasticity makes the skin tighter and the uneven texture is smoothened out to reveal a radiant and even complexion.

#6 Cell Regeneration

When your skin is deeply nourished and moisturized, the process of regeneration of cells speeds up automatically. While hyaluronic acid does not affect the cell renewal process directly, it enhances it by providing intense hydration to the skin. Increased cell regeneration also prevents the formation of spots, marks, and pigmentation.

#7 Prevents Acne

When the skin is dry and dehydrated, it produces an excessive amount of sebum to compensate for that dryness. This results in breakouts and acne. By balancing the moisture content of the skin, hyaluronic acid prevents the over-secretion of oils that clogs the pores and causes breakouts.
There’s a huge misconception that oily and acne-prone skin people don’t need hydration. They do! Lack of moisture stimulates their skin to produce more oils which leads to severe acne and if proper hydration is not provided, this cycle will go on and on.
All types of skin need hydration. You just need to find the right kind of hydration that will suit your particular skin type. Since hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin, it is generally suitable for all skin types.

At Indulgeo Essentials, we have formulated our Squalane Skin Hydrator with Natural Hyaluronic Acid and 100% pure plant-derived ingredients. An exceptional blend of pure rose oil, squalane and hyaluronic acid, this miraculous skin hydrator will not only deeply moisturize your skin but also replenish it with essential nutrients that will make you look flawless and youthful!

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