How do microgranules in your skincare effect the nature?!

Date: December 4th, 2021 | indulgeo

Visualize rubbing a plastic bag on your face! How would you feel? It will be an identical feeling when you perhaps rub microgranules on your body. These plastic microbeads are widely known as Polypropylene and Polyethylene in terms of skincare and are proved to be harmful for both the skin and the environment! These plastic particles not only give rise to dry skin but also make the skin subject to allergies, irritation and abrasions. Not only do they alone damage the skin but also cause certain environmental effects. These particles are frequently found in skincare products such as exfoliating scrubs, face wash, soaps and shampoos and are known to be washed down the sink, disappeared from the filtration procedure at wastewater treatment plants and always ended up in oceans and at last consumed by marine entities. This procedure overall has been proved to be detrimental to the environment beyond a certain level. Several countries around the globe have already imposed a ban on the use of such plastic made microgranules and in October 2017, the Bureau of Indian Standards had announced it too whereas it was implemented in 2020. To be aware as consumers one must always check labels on the product to be assured if it contains plastic made microgranules or not. One must always look for Polypropylene and Polyethylene on its label as they indicate the existence of plastic made microgranules in the product. One must always check for ingredients like jojoba seeds, or other such biodegradable ingredients like natural scrubs which are not only environment friendly but are also gentle towards the skin and leave the skin as soft and supple at the same time. Introducing you to the most special product of our range, our biodegradable and environmentally friendly Scrubbies that are made from pure cotton and banana yarn. These Scrubbies remove dead skin and dry patches from your skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

The synthetic microfiber yarns used usually in face cleaning pads are a major cause of water pollution that is very difficult to undergo Filtration. Taking one step forward in making the world a better place to live for us and for our upcoming generations by choosing these 100% eco friendly yarns.

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