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How does hair vitalizer help in preventing hair fall?

hair vitalizer

A hair vitalizer is a nutrition-based product that is enriched with beneficial extracts that provide or deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits and also to strengthen hair follicles. Many a time it is also fortified with natural substances that promote hair growth and health. A hair vitalizer can be a very efficient part of a hair care regime, especially an organic hair vitalizer.

A hair vitalizer has a number of benefits that ultimately tackle the problem of hair fall. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Stimulating hair growth

The follicles are the structures that promote hair growth, the more nutrients, proteins, and enrichment the follicle gets that in turn helps create more cells to stimulate hair growth. A hair revitalizer’s primary focus lies in the enrichment of the follicles.

Strengthening hair

By strengthening the follicles and giving it nourishment, hair in turn gets strengthened from root to tip. It makes hair more luscious and gives more strength to the overall mane.


Apart from straightening the hair, a hair vitalizer prevents sudden breakage and even protects the hair from external dust and pollution. Dust and pollution can be a major contributor of hair fall and it can weaken the hair, make it lose its shine and volume. A hair vitalizer takes care of all of these problems.


A hair vitalizer is usually used on the scalp and massaged gently. It is so nutrient-dense and when massaged, helps the nutrient pool spread over the scalp. This in turn enriches the blood vessels and improves circulation. Circulation is key and vital for hair growth.

Easy to use

A hair vitalizer unlike many heavy oils is very efficient to use. Usually, a very small amount is used and even this is so efficiently utilized. It is not sticky and is perfect for any weather.

Tackles other hair issues as well

A hair vitalizer helps in tackling problems apart from hair fall as well. These problems usually pertain to itching, flaking, and dryness of the scalp, which ultimately lead the road to hair fall. Many hair vitalizers tackle these problems very efficiently.
A hair vitalizer is definitely an all in all product. It does not just prevent hair fall, but it tries to address various other hair problems. Since it functions on the basis of providing strength to the roots, it is more holistic and doesn’t just address the issue temporarily. The Indulgeo Essentials Luxuriant Hair Vitalizer is the one bottle solution for all your hair concerns. With Indulgeo Essentials, you can get your hands on the best organic products that suit all hair types. We deliver to all major international locations, so you can choose the best organic goodness for your lovely tresses.
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