Prepping Chapped Lips Before Applying Lipstick

Chapped lips are a big challenge, especially in seasons when the skin gets try. In India, it’s winters when the skin tends to get dry and the problem of chapped lips resurfaces. It’s a bigger challenge when you have to apply makeup on your lips – lipsticks, tints or any other product that is pigmented. Some people love the matte look and applying lipstick on chapped lips poses practical challenges.

However, we have to get dressed, do our makeup, and get down to business. Here are some of Indulgeo’s tips and useful lip essentials, which help you to apply lipstick when your lips are chapped.

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips

Removing dead skin will help your lips get a more even and smooth look. It also encourages growth of fresh cells. Exfoliants with natural oils, soft sugars, and AHAs/salicylic acid are a great option.

Step 2: Moisturize your lip

You could use a good moisturizing product like an oil based lip moisturizer, lips mask, or apply oil to keep your lips moisturized. Even regular coconut oil is good if you do not have a lip moisturizer. Make use of Indulgeo Essentials’ Pout It lip oil to give that essential nourishment to your lips and aid in flawless lipstick application.

Step 3: Night care for lips

Lips, like the rest of our skin, lose moisture overnight as well. It’s  helpful to put on hydrating oils like vitamin E, castor oil, or coconut oil

Step 4 : Choice of Lipstick

Matte lipsticks tend to be dry. They will not look good on chapped lips, and nor will it give an even finish. It’s better to opt for creamy finish lipsticks. They are high on oil content, and hydrate the lip while worn. However, if you do not want to switch from the matte look, try to look for new matte finish products which have a better hydrating quotient (like liquid matt lipsticks).

Besides, these, it’s good to follow healthy routines – like drinking water helps in keeping the lips hydrated. Alcohol, coffee – these are diuretics which dehydrate the body. If you are consuming them regularly, do drink water on regular intervals. Making use of Rose Gold Daily oil before makeup preps up your skin perfectly for any makeup application. With pure 24K Gold flakes the oil works perfectly as a natural moisturizing agent.

Moreover, UV rays are bad for lips just as much as your body. They are also a reason for dry and damaged lips. Remember to apply sunscreen on your lips as well, or get an SPF lipbalm. You can browse the selection of 100% organic and luxurious products at Indulgeo Essentials and take your pick.

Now go on! Take care of your lips and rock that classic red lip!

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